FileMaker Pro plugins

Jazz Utils - FileMaker Plugin (freeware)

This plugin contains FileMaker script debugging tools, clipboard functions, HTML formatting (tagging) routines, functions to obtain the mouse location (x, y), cross-platform character conversion and ascii routines. It started life predominantly as a Macintosh plug-in, but today many of the functions work under Windows also. The function list grows according to local requirements.

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Jazz Globals - FileMaker Plugin (shareware)

This plugin provides named global variable storage. The global variables are accessible from within any FileMaker database and does not require the use of FileMaker's global fields and dummy relationships to access their values.

This plugin provides a simple solution for communicating information between scripts from different databases. Use the Jazz Params plug-in for a more comprehensive solution.

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Jazz Stack - FileMaker Plugin (shareware)

This plugin provides a global stack, accessible from every FileMaker database. The stack can be marked to facilitate more complex uses than simple Push/Pop. This plugin can be used to create a simple ‘Go Back’ facility.

Routines include Push, Pop, Pull, Peek, Size, Mark, Get Mark, Drop, Drop to Mark and Clear.

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Jazz Params - FileMaker Plugin (shareware)

This plugin enables parameters to be passed from one script to another. The scripts may reside in the same or different databases. Parameters can be named to facilitate usage. The same mechanism provides local variables to sub-scripts.

This plugin is aimed at people who have programmed in another language before, and are missing these features in FileMaker. You'll get a whole lot more out of this plug-in if you actually read the manual provided.

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Jazz Styled Text - FileMaker Plugin (shareware)

This plugin enables users to copy and paste styled text (bold, italic, font size and color) between FileMaker Pro 7 and 8 and other applications (including earlier versions of FileMaker).

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Jazz HTML - FileMaker Plugin (shareware)

This plugin converts text in FileMaker Pro 7 thru' 11 (bold, italic, font size, colour, etc) into equivalent HTML coding.

Functions can be used for full page encoding, paragraph encoding, or character encoding. The options offer flexibility over the structure of the final HTML page, including customizable tags.

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