Although Jazz Media's focus today is software-based, below is a sample of hardware design projects developed prior to the inception of Jazz Media. They demonstrate a deep understanding of the interplay between software and hardware, down to the transistor level. Knowledge behind the scenes can be invaluable when software efficency is paramount, and essential when hardware integration is required for low-level 'C' and assembler coding.

Midi Guitar (front)

A Midi Guitar prototype.

Software and hardware originally developed for the Motorola 6800, later migrated to the 68HC05 microcontroller. The device used a combination of fret-positions (using a custom fret-board) and electromagnetic pickups to determine the notes played.

Midi Drums

A Midi Drums interface unit for practise drum kits. Pickups placed on drum pads connect to the unit. A range of preprogrammed drum kits were selectable, with individual pad customisation.

Software and hardware designed and build around the 68HC05 microcontroller.

A Synchronous Slave Flash device

A Synchronous Slave Flash device designed for photography of jewellery (shiny surfaces) but applicable to any situation where the camera's flash is insufficient. The device triggers synchronously with the flash of your camera.

A purely analog design.

Rebel Yell promotion

A Rebel Yell promotional unit. Contestants would strum the guitar, and a different riff would play and LEDs sequence, with random winners. For the winner LEDs illuminated at the string/fret positions matching the Rebel Yell riff.

Designed for Design Field in Sydney. Software and hardware designed and build around the 68HC05 microcontroller.

And others including: