Helps keep windows on the correct monitor, across deep sleeps

Please note, this web page is brief (and perhaps still in progress).


In Monterey since 12.3, windows on a second monitor move screens after a long sleep. However I noticed that applications which were hidden did not loose their window positions. So I wrote this program to resolve the issue by hiding and showing applications before and after sleep. It doesn't modify your system in any way. It only hides and shows applications at crucial times.


You may download the latest version here. Simply unzip and run the software. It will put itself in the background. Keep it running and forget about it. After waking from sleep Sandman should be showing a single window. To restore all apps click the button shown.

There is an autorestore mode (the default for an earlier version of the software) which you will find in it's menu. You may try this mode — it saves you clicking a button after wake. But it will only work for some users. (Specifically it will only work if your computer wakes before your displays do).

I have myself noticed times when window positions are still not restored. I can't speak as to why. However I still find this program saves me repositioning windows perhaps 9 out of 10 times. I hope you get at least the same success rate.

If you find it works for you, perhaps add it to your login items (System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Options) so it runs after every restart.


This software is free to download and use. I offer no warranty for this software.