Xdebug Key / Xdebug Helper

A Safari extension to enable PHP debugging from Safari 12.

Xdebug Helper is a Safari Extension. It comes bundled inside the application called Xdebug Key. The application is available on the App Store.

Preferences window


You may then quit the Xdebug Key application, but it is important to keep it in the Applications folder.

Run the application again if you need to change the IDE Key.


Please note, I cannot offer support for Xdebug. Support can be found on their webpage at xdebug.org. I am not an expert on Xdebug. However should you find an issue with this Safari Extension please contact me.


Xdebug Helper and Xdebug Key do not collect or transmit any information about the user, your web browsing activity (including history) nor your use of the extension. Xdebug Helper communicates only with the Xdebug extension (ie. web server) to enable or disable debugging.