This plugin is not being updated for current FileMaker releases. While we would like to maintain it there are no current plans to do so. It is simply not cost-effective. This page will be updated if the situation changes. If you find the current version useful and would like a license code please request one.

This FileMaker Pro plugin converts text in FileMaker Pro 7 and later (bold, italic, font size, colour, etc) into HTML code.

Functions can be used for full page encoding, paragraph encoding, or character encoding. The options offer flexibility over the structure of the final HTML page, including customizable tags.

New in version 1.3 are updated tags (eg. <span> in place of <font>); full unicode support; defaults to UTF-8 encoding; and URL parsing (converting text into hyperlinks).

The plugin is cross-platform (for Macintosh and Windows environments) and requires FileMaker Pro version 7 or later. Registered users can use their v1.00 serial number with the latest versions.

Download Jazz HTML v1.32 for Mac OS-X 10.4 and later (78K)

Download Jazz HTML v1.33 for Windows XP and later (80K)

Download documentation PDF format (288K)

Download sample FileMaker Pro file (36K).


Older versions:

Download Jazz HTML v1.20 for Mac OS-X (190K) — (Now as a Universal Binary - for PPC and Intel machines)

Download Jazz HTML v1.12 for Windows (112K)

Download documentation PDF format (204K)

Download example file FileMaker Pro 7 (.fp7) files for Macintosh (44K) or Windows (36K).