Jazz Globals

This plugin is no longer being updated for current FileMaker releases. It was largely superceded by functionality added to FileMaker Pro some time ago. If you still find it useful and would like a license code please request one.

This FileMaker Pro plugin provides named global variable storage. The global variables are accessible from within any FileMaker database and does not require the use of FileMaker's global fields and dummy relationships to access their values.

This plugin provides a simple solution for communicating information between scripts from different databases. Use the Jazz Params plug-in for a more comprehensive solution.

The plugin is cross-platform (Mac and Windows) and compatible with FileMaker 8.5 and earlier. The plugins are being updated for the newer FileMaker API, and will be posted as the become available. Note that there are syntax differences between the two versions, reflected in the updated documentation. The earlier releases (v1.09) still work for all but Intel Macs.

Recommended for FileMaker versions 7 and later:

Download Jazz Globals v1.5.1 for Macintosh OS X     (Universal binary — PPC & Intel)

Download Jazz Globals v1.5.1 for Windows

Download documentation v1.5 PDF format

Download example file FMP-7 format

Recommended for FileMaker versions 6.5 and earlier:

Download Jazz Globals v1.09 for Macintosh OS 8.5, 9 & OS X (Carbon, PPC only)

Download Jazz Globals v1.09 for Windows (zip format)

Download documentation v1.0 PDF format

Download example file FMP-5 format

If you find this plugin useful, please pay the shareware fee. A dialog reminder will appear occassionally, until registered. This also ensures that developers wishing to include the plugin in a run-time distribution will register.

FileMaker Pro 7 note:

FileMaker Pro version 7 and later on Mac OS X requires that all Macintosh plugins end with the extension ".fmplugin". Users upgrading might need to rename their plugins before using them with FileMaker Pro 7 or later. Alternatively you may download a fresh copy which has been appropriately renamed, and the extension has been hidden.