Jazz Utils

This plugin has not been updated for current FileMaker releases. While we would like to maintain it there are no current plans to do so. This page will be updated if the situation changes.

Jazz Utils - FileMaker Plugin (freeware)

In the process of creating commercial multimedia titles (often in the process of manipulating data) it has been quicker to write a FileMaker plugin function to do a specific task (or part of a task), than it would be to perform the task by other methods. As a result of these ongoing needs, the Jazz Utils plugin has developed. As we choose to work on a Macintosh, many of the plugin functions are Macintosh only.

The plugin includes clipboard functions, HTML formatting (tagging) functions, functions to obtain the mouse location (x, y), cross-platform character conversion, ascii values, and FileMaker script debugging tools. The mini-icons below indicate which functions have been implemented for each platform. Though these have changed slightly in version 1.5 they still provide a good overview of the plugin capabilities. The Windows™-only function allows switching between applications. (On the Mac you can use AppleScript to accomplish the same task).

The functions available are summarised thus:

Mac icon Win icon Jazz Media-Version Mac icon Win icon Jazz-Get Mouse Click
Mac icon Win icon Jazz-Get Clipboard Mac icon Win icon Jazz-Get Mouse X
Mac icon Jazz-Set Clipboard Mac icon Win icon Jazz-Get Mouse Y
Mac icon Win icon Jazz-Strip HTML Mac icon Win icon Jazz-Mac2Win Text
Mac icon Jazz-Clip2HTML Mac icon Win icon Jazz-Win2Mac Text
Mac icon Jazz-Debug BBEdit Win icon Jazz-Win Activate
Mac icon Jazz-Debug STE Mac icon Win icon Jazz-CharToNum
Mac icon Jazz-Debug STE Slow Mac icon Win icon Jazz-NumToChar
Mac icon Win icon Jazz-Get Mouse Mac icon Win icon Jazz-Common Words (v1.15+)

The functions are by no means comprehensive, but they got me out of a bind, and hopefully will help others too. Download the documentation for more details.

The plugin has been updated for Mac OS X, and to the best of our knowledge is compatible with all versions of FileMaker up to and including version 8.5 on Windows and Macintosh PPC and Intel Computers (Universal Binary), with the following notes:

This plug-in is available free of charge for developers to download and use. The plug-in is provided "as-is". No guarantee or warranty is provided of any kind.

FileMaker Pro 7 note (Mac only):

FileMaker Pro version 7 (and later) on Mac OS X now requires that all Macintosh plugins end with the extension ".fmplugin". Long-time users who haven't updated for some time must rename their plugins before using them with FileMaker Pro 7 or later. However we recommend you download a newer version, which has been appropriately renamed and the extension has been hidden.

Recommended for FileMaker versions 7 and later:

Download Jazz Utils v1.5.1 for Macintosh OS X (86K)     (Universal binary — PPC & Intel)

Download Jazz Utils v1.5.1 for Windows     (Not available. Use v1.15)

Download documentation v1.5 PDF format (300K)

Recommended for FileMaker versions 6.5 and earlier:

Download Jazz Utils v1.19 for Macintosh OS 8, 9 & OS X (Carbon: PPC only) (60K)

Download Jazz Utils v1.05 for Macintosh OS 8 and earlier (Classic: 68K & PPC) (47K)

Download Jazz Utils v1.15 for Windows (48K zipped)

Download documentation PDF (428K)